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    I love these socks. Not only are they cute designs, but they fit well, wash & dry nicely and they help with ankle swelling. My feet do not tire or swell after exercising or if I am seated for long periods.

    I bought these on the recommendation of my doctor. I wanted something that would give me mild compression because I sit at a desk all day and I don't get up enough to walk around. These did the job and I'm going to buy more!

    I'm pregnant and have swelling in my left leg thanks to a sizable blood clot. The swelling in my leg has gone down significantly. Thanks for a great product! They were definitely responsible for the reduction of pain swelling. 

    These are amazing! I have to be at a desk or on my feet all day and my ankles and feet would swill. Since I purchased these compression socks and have been wearing them I have had no issues. These are the perfect partner for your busy day.

    These socks or rather stockings are fabulous! The colors are beautiful, the constant massage action when you're wearing them feels so good. The edema in my feet and legs is more controlled now.
    As a senior, they are a challenge to get on, but I can get them on by myself!
    Wash cold water, dry and wear, doesn't get any better than that!

    Whether you need compression socks for health purposes or just enjoy the comfort of a nice pair of knee-highs, these are a great option! Socks all came as described and they're SUPER comfortable. No complaints from this buyer! Will definitely be buying these again in the future.

    I was amazed at how these feel when wearing them. My dr told me I had to start wearing compression socks due to some medical issues and I didn’t want to wear those awful white ones. These however are amazing they don’t even feel like I have them on. And the colors are cool as well.

    Bought these compression socks after recovering from a broken leg. I looked at a lot of socks online and decided on these. So glad I did, they fit comfortably, have good compression and keep the swelling in my leg down.

    This sock will amaze you! They go on easier than other compression socks I have worn. I always turn the top of the sock down because I am short and other compression sock tops roll into a tight band around my calf. Not these.... the top has never changed position. It stays up. Because these are not your standard color compression socks ( black, white or that awful tan) no one knows they are compression socks.